Children-bilinguals growing up, will become richer peers?

It has long been proven that bilingualism plays a significant role in the development of the child. It is known that children-bilinguals mix languages that use, though sometimes borrow words from one language when speaking another. These kids, unlike their peers who speak only one language, are able to distinguish between sounds of all languages, […]

Scientists have discovered a unique reaction to the pats

That corporal contact of mother and child is of particular importance, has long been known. Now scientists have found out that it is important – as a mom or dad touch the baby. Scientists from the Institute of cognitive Sciences and brain research max Planck (Leipzig, Germany) found that gentle stroking strengthen the child’s attachment […]

Scientific research: creativity is more important than studying

Childhood many of today’s kids is under the influence of various methods of early development. Mom and dad literally from the cradle strive to teach your child not just to COO and to follow the rattle, but at least to lay the Foundation for the study of foreign languages. Parents expect results from children’s institutions. […]