4 million kids in the UK there are no children’s books

A recent public opinion poll commissioned by the National Fund for the fight against illiteracy, shocked experts. It turned out that four million children in the UK (it’s every third child) no children’s book. “It’s just tragic, because children are not available one of the most exciting pastimes in the world is reading. Reading is the key to a world of fantasy, which are beyond the reach of television and computer games,” says one of the study’s authors George Monbi.

According to experts, kids who have no books, three times harder to learn to read and write than their peers. “We know that there is a direct correlation between presence of books and literacy. In a situation where every sixth student in the UK, problems with reading and writing, it is very sad that children are familiar with books at an early age,” says the head of the National Fund for the fight against illiteracy Jonathan Douglas. These days the Foundation holds the event to raise funds to purchase children’s books for kids.

At the same time in the United States, a similar initiative has been operating since 1996. Every year, affluent Americans buy children’s books, which then receive the gift of children from poor families living in rural areas.

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