Parents have forgotten how to communicate with children

As a result of a public opinion poll in the UK, many parents said that they forgot how to play with children. 20 percent of mothers and fathers admitted that they have no time for games. A third of parents thinks it is boring.

According to scientists, many parents assume that their kids like to play with the computer than with mom and dad. At the same time, 90 per cent of children aged 5 to 15 years, said: despite the fact that they really love to play with the console, even so, they will prefer the traditional Board game with their parents or walk with mom and dad in the Park.

But most scientists struck by this fact: modern parents manage to check email or conduct business negotiations on the phone even when they walk with a child on the street or play at home. As a result, mom and dad are close with the child, but really busy with their own Affairs, and not the baby.

Expert advice for parents how to translate the child to a qualitatively new level.

  1. Turn off the TV. According to experts, the parents while playing with the kids more focus on what is showing on the screen, and forget about the baby.
  2. Buy stroller in which to carry the baby to face. Thus, a child can freely chat during the walk.
  3. Play traditional games, both desktop and mobile, without the use of computer and handheld devices.
  4. Talk to your child on topics that are important to him.
  5. Listen carefully to the child.

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