7 recommendations on how best to develop a child

Experts of the German edition of “Parents,” examined the recent scientific work on how the process of learning and development of young children, and they have developed recommendations for the parents. According to experts, in order for kids to master new skills and assimilate new information does not need to provide them with some analogue of the school schedule and teacher, who will try to grind the necessary knowledge. It is just the opposite.

1. The child learns when it gives him pleasure. Children do not need extra motivation. All children by nature want to learn something new. But not all kids want to get the same knowledge at the same time. For example, your five-year-old neighbor is already learning to ski and their own child at the same age does not show to it any interest. But your much better at drawing and knows everything about knights.

2. Singing, the use of various drums and other instruments for the rhythm — a great way of promoting language development and language learning. Because the child first learns language through melody and rhythm.

3. The child could be taught to score quite early, using situations from everyday life. For example, setting the table before guests arrive.

4. Nature walks, when the child can play with twigs, stones, dirt, or whatever natural materials are developing all the senses. Therefore, with a stroller it is better to go often to the Park, than in the cafe.

5. If the parents are able to notice various phenomena and wonder with your child, it will help to develop observation. The kid still does not have to understand why sugar dissolves in water and stone no. However, it is important that he was able to tell the difference.

6. You must allow the child to do everything yourself, despite the fact that the kitchen after making pizza can resemble a battlefield. The only exceptions are classes in which the baby might get hurt.

7. Parents should allow the kid to show them and explain. Often a person begins to understand things better when someone explain. This is the perfect class for older brothers and sisters. If the three-year will show year-old kid how to build a tower, would not benefit much more than from mom, which produces the same manipulation.

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