More than 90% of cases a man with erectile dysfunction can help to restore full erection, assures us Here the main time to see a doctor and start treatment. The elimination of this disease is conservative and surgical. Conservative treatment of erectile dysfunction comes to the appointment of the following remedial measures: The lifestyle […]

Sociologists have estimated the most comfortable for men age

Modern man in a special way feel my age. The study showed vardenafil 20 1,000 men, 54 years old, they feel older, writes The Telegraph. In this age men are already settled and assessed their position as safe. According to experts, this point comfort is achieved so late due to the great financial pressures and […]

“Man power” depends on the health of the bones

Sex hormones are very important from the point of view of bone health. The researchers found that this relationship may be bilateral. Recent research suggests that bone controls the level of testosterone, wrote tadalafil Gerard Karsenty of Columbia University in new York, along with colleagues caused the osteoblasts, the bone cells involved in the […]