More than 90% of cases a man with erectile dysfunction can help to restore full erection, assures us Here the main time to see a doctor and start treatment. The elimination of this disease is conservative and surgical.

Conservative treatment of erectile dysfunction comes to the appointment of the following remedial measures:

  • The lifestyle change. In the presence of bad habits, obesity or physical inactivity, the doctor will recommend a man to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is often a key to the restoration of normal potency. You should give up Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol and junk food. Mandatory physical activity that will help to eliminate congestion in the pelvic organs, thus improving blood flow to the penis.
  • Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 5. Conservative treatment of erectile dysfunction provides for the appointment of certain drugs. Drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are selected only by the attending physician on the basis of the obtained diagnostic data. Contraindication to receiving phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors: is the reception of the sick of donators nitrogen or nitrate (for example, nitrosorbite, nitroglycerin and other nitrate drugs).
  • Hormonal therapy. If erectile dysfunction is caused by hormonal disorders, that in this case, the phosphodiesterase inhibitors will not help. Necessary hormone replacement therapy is to restore normal hormonal levels. Currently, there are quite convenient forms of testosterone, for example, in gel form, which you can use to adjust the level of male sex hormones in the blood. These drugs appoint a physician when determining the dosage for each patient individually.
  • Vacuum therapy. This is non-drug therapy of erectile dysfunction, which aims to increase the blood flow to the penis. For such therapy uses a simple vacuum pump that holds the penis. The pump of the pump is pumped out the air, which creates a negative pressure that stimulates the filling of the penis with blood.
  • Psychotherapy. Often the cause of erectile dysfunction lies in psychology, and in this case, you need the help of a competent therapist. Often this treatment the therapist is together with a partner. At these sessions discuss any issues related to the sexual life and emotional experiences that can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction. In the first stage, the doctor carefully gathers information and explores possible causes of sexual impotence men, which lies in the emotional plane. The doctor helps his patients to deal with the problem, and then problems with erection usually eliminated. In addition, the psychotherapist gives practical advice that is directly related to the intimate life of the couple. In particular, it advises some techniques of stimulation before intercourse to improve erection quality men.
  • Behavioral therapy. Another kind of psychotherapy – behavioral therapy, which gives a good therapeutic effect on psychogenic erectile dysfunction in men. The basis of this technique lies a simple principle: what a person feels largely depends on how he feels about it. In other words, misconceptions and harmful thoughts can have a negative impact on self-esteem of a man, his sexuality and relationships, not only with the sexual partner, but also friends and relatives. Behavioral therapy aims to eliminate bad thoughts. The therapist develops the patient the correct (realistic) view of themselves and sexual relationships.
  • Surgical treatment of impotence. In case of serious violations of blood supply of the penis the man may be recommended surgical treatment. Usually, surgical intervention is resorted to when no other treatment methods will not have a positive impact. When venous or arterial insufficiency surgical treatment allows to restore full blood flow to the penis, allowing the counter to achieve a normal erection. When serious congenital anomalies of the penis a man may hold a penile prosthesis, which is the implantation of penile prosthesis.
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