Learn to navigate in space children help words

Scientists from the University of Chicago every four months filming the video, as the kids range in age from 14 to 46 months communicate with their mothers. Each session lasted 90 minutes. In total, the study involved 52 children. The experts drew special attention to what words were used by parents to describe shapes and spatial relationships. According to scientists, during the sessions, mothers often used the names of two and three-dimensional objects such as “circle” or “triangle”, talked about the size of objects (using the words “tall”, “wide”) as well as about the peculiarities of their form (using the words “edge” “corner”).

When children who participated in the experiments was 4 and a half years, the researchers tested their spatial skills. To do this, kids are asked to solve different tasks: to turn the mind objects, copy diagrams, to carry out spatial analogies. It turned out that these jobs are better handled by those children whose mothers used more words to describe objects and spatial relations.

“Our research showed that if children early to start talking about space, this will lay the Foundation for their spatial thinking. At the same time, spatial thinking is an important factor in the study of the exact Sciences in the future,” says Susan Levin, a researcher with the University of Chicago and co-author of scientific work, which was published in the academic journal “Developmental science”.

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