“Man power” depends on the health of the bones

Sex hormones are very important from the point of view of bone health. The researchers found that this relationship may be bilateral. Recent research suggests that bone controls the level of testosterone, wrote tadalafil myitalia-med.com.

Gerard Karsenty of Columbia University in new York, along with colleagues caused the osteoblasts, the bone cells involved in the formation of bones, on top of the cells taken from the ovaries and testes of mice. The experiment showed that the interaction of cells of the male genital organs with bone cells increased the production of testosterone in three times. But on the cells of the ovaries this had no effect.

The scientists decided to pay attention to osteocalcin – a hormone produced by the osteoblasts. A series of surveys have shown: the more of this hormone affect the cells of the testicles, the more testosterone produced. And injections of the hormone significantly increased the level of testosterone in the blood of experimental rodents.

To check whether it affects the fertility of mice, the researchers “turned off” the gene for osteocalcin in the group of mice. The result was that production of seed from them was small compared with the normal animals. Probably, the similar situation is with men. Why hormone affects only males, they do not know.

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