“Man power” depends on the health of the bones

Sex hormones are very important from the point of view of bone health. The researchers found that this relationship may be bilateral. Recent research suggests that bone controls the level of testosterone, wrote tadalafil myitalia-med.com. Gerard Karsenty of Columbia University in new York, along with colleagues caused the osteoblasts, the bone cells involved in the […]

4 million kids in the UK there are no children’s books

A recent public opinion poll commissioned by the National Fund for the fight against illiteracy, shocked experts. It turned out that four million children in the UK (it’s every third child) no children’s book. “It’s just tragic, because children are not available one of the most exciting pastimes in the world is reading. Reading is […]

Unemployed parents, children are smaller than their peers

On the social status of parents depends not only the chances of the children in the future, but also health. The German scientists managed to prove that the unemployed mom and dad kids below and thinner than their peers. And body weight is known to be an indicator of the quality of received medical care […]

When choosing a kindergarten important – quality

For a child’s development no matter in what kindergarten or nursery goes the baby — a crucial role plays the quality. Moreover, the smaller the child, the quality is more important. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Texas (USA), the results of their work were published in the scientific journal Child Development. Quality […]

6-month-old children already understand most of the words

Despite the fact that at the age of 6-9 months, most children are able to utter only a few sounds, or babbling “BA-BA”, they already know, which means most of the words who use their parents. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) Elika Bergelson and Daniel Swingle. The results of their […]

Children will jump during all of the lessons

In recent years, scholars have devoted much attention to developing children’s interactive educational books that are meant for the computer. However, the training, sitting in front of the screen, not much different from learning by book, said the researcher and author of the new Martina Lucht from the research from Fraunhofer Institute of digital media […]