Penis amputated because of doctors

Attempt male from Miami to sex in my life has led to nightmarish consequences. The unfortunate had to amputate the penis. Enrique Milla decided to do the surgery an implant in your phallus, which according to doctors was to save him from erectile dysfunction. Before that, he took sildenafilo. This is a very popular operation in plastic surgery clinics resort state Miami, which is home to many released in the rest of wealthy men who do not want to refuse sex.

Now Milla accuses anesthesiologist Dr. Laurentiu Boeru for what he decided about the operation, not taking into account the state of health of the patient. Enrique Milla was suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, and doctors had to postpone or cancel the procedure.

But the operation took place, and the patient became a victim of the infection that affected the penis. Tiny infection eventually turned into gangrene. The penis had to be amputated. Now, 65-year-old man sued the doctors, claiming to recover money from them for malpractice.

By the way, in the trial of Milla participates via Skype, since some time ago, American authorities deported an accident along with his entire family to his homeland in Peru. However, the American lawyers of the victim are confident in the victory.
“It’s devastating, painful and humiliating result of medical malpractice, the lawyer said Spencer, Aronfeld. Mr. Milla lived 40 years in Miami, he worked as a supplier of medical equipment and pay taxes. No matter what, he was deported. My client went for this surgery are not in order to have a larger penis, he suffered from erectile dysfunction and needed help.”

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