Sex call the best way to get a promotion

If you want to get a promotion at work, try to have an orgasm every day. This will help you cialis. Studies show that regular sex increases human productivity, bringing, it is more actively promoted up the career ladder.


Scientists from the University of Oregon found that one of the main secrets of career success is the regular orgasm and not work late and not toadying to the address of the chiefs. Experiencing at least once orgasm every day, people are significantly more likely to enjoy their work, and their productivity is higher. As a result, they have successfully moved up the career ladder. Such people also noted significantly more a good balance between work and personal life.

Maintaining a healthy relationship necessarily implies and high quality of sexual life. Now research has shown that all of this has an enormous impact on human productivity, that is to the benefit of his salary and financial well-being of the family. Study shows that leaving all your stressful stimuli people at home, finding time also to enjoy the intimate pleasures of every day, much better maintain the balance between work and personal life.

During sex the human body produces the neurotransmitter dopamine, associated with a stimulation of the centres for the promotion of the brain. Also highlighted is the neuropeptide oxytocin, which determines a more solid emotional connection and attachment. All this makes the sex a natural and relatively effective regulator of mood, which are observed on the following day. In order to get to know the impact of sex on work, the researchers observed the life of 159 married employees in the next two weeks. It has been proven that the more often a person has an orgasm, the better he works, the more incentives it receives, and has a much higher chances of promotion.

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