Sign language helps children to develop speech

In the United States and Europe, the new fashionable trend. Parents begin to teach children the language of signs and gestures, so that they could Express their wishes before actually start talking. In sales there are even special dictionaries, which contain the signs and their corresponding concepts that moms and dads could do with her baby. Also conducted training courses for children from 8 months.

Supporters of this technique believe that the kids speak the language of signs and gestures, become more calm, do not shout and do not get upset. After all, they can always explain to your parents what you want. In addition, these children begin early to say. Teacher of sign language for the little ones in Ireland Miriam DeWitt says that her passion for this unusual technique began when had her daughter Robin. “Robin has reproduced the first sign at 7 months. Her first sign was “milk”. By 9-10 months she already knew a lot of signs and gestures and tried to put them into sentences,” says the teacher.

For the development of important communication

At the same time, according to scientists, this technique is not new. It has for many decades used psychologists and psychotherapists for the treatment of children with retarded speech development or delayed cognitive development.

As for learning the language of signs and gestures very young children, yet there is no scientific evidence that signs and gestures help young children start talking early. It is likely that parents who teach their kids this technique, communicate with them more frequently than other moms and dads. Communication is the key to early child development, — scientists say.

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