Sociologists have estimated the most comfortable for men age

Modern man in a special way feel my age. The study showed vardenafil 20 1,000 men, 54 years old, they feel older, writes The Telegraph. In this age men are already settled and assessed their position as safe.

According to experts, this point comfort is achieved so late due to the great financial pressures and late fatherhood. It was after 54 real life begins allowing you to have fun. Many men don’t believe that has reached a level of social stability until they begin to approach retirement age.

According to statistics, two-thirds of children born to fathers older than 30 years. Usually the first time a man becomes a father at the age of 32. Though a relatively young age group always suffers from the uncertainty caused by physical flaws, money problems and loneliness.

The worst thing for men is the inability to buy a house. They were also afraid to lose your hair and lose your job. Old age is associated with unattractive gray hair, double chin, gynecomastia. Another in the list of problems standing fear of being alone, the inability to retire, poor health. Men, worried about the bad teeth, the need to wear glasses, divorce, impotence and real poverty.

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