Study: drinking beer causes men to impotence

American scientists conducted an experiment which allowed to prove the harm of many favorite beer — beer. It is known that men more often than women prefer to drink this alcoholic beverage, meanwhile, is for men it can be the most dangerous. To increase the potency by using viagra.

It turned out that those representatives of the strong half of mankind who use beer too often, in the future may suffer from impotence. According to scientists, the reason for several dangerous and harmful substances contained in the malty drink, they can block vessels in the male sexual organ.

During the study researchers interviewed men who have already faced this problem. It turned out that many of them were big fans of this drink.

In General, in the world, about 60% after 40, and in some cases even after 35 years, begin to suffer from this problem. Moreover, the dysfunction eventually becomes the cause of depression and divorce.

However, to avoid this just — enough to monitor their health and try to control the amount of drinking beer, as is the presence of dysfunction can be with blood circulation disorders of the genitourinary system.

Beer affects the whole process of blood circulation, the blood does not flow in the lower part of the body and a male suffering from sexual impotence. The process that launches beer in the body hinders the proper functioning of the blood vessels as a result an erection is not achieved, or can be, but for a short time.

However, doctors say that the norm can be very different and individual, but in any case, should not consume more than two glasses of beer a day.

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