The British believe that children behave like animals

Charity “Barnardo”, assisting children, conducted a survey of public opinion in the UK. The results shocked even seasoned employees of the organization. 49 percent of adults said: British children are increasingly run wild and behave like animals. 47 per cent of Britons believe that children and teenagers are spreading anger and violence. 25% believe: kids 10 years and older who are aggressive, nothing will.

According to the Director of the organization”, Barnardo” Anne Marie Carrieres, very sad that adults in the UK believe today’s children and teenagers a lost generation, comparing them with animals. Moreover, they try to close their eyes to what is often responsible for bad behavior of children lies with the adults. 38 percent of respondents reported that children and adolescents faced with problems, do not need help.

Organization “Bernardo” has started an information campaign, which aims to point out the reasons of aggressive behavior of children and adolescents. After all, from 20 to 40 percent of the problem children were themselves victims of domestic violence, 55 per cent for various reasons for some time resided in shelters or foster homes. The motto of the information campaign: “Not everything has to end just as it began”.

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