Unemployed parents, children are smaller than their peers

On the social status of parents depends not only the chances of the children in the future, but also health. The German scientists managed to prove that the unemployed mom and dad kids below and thinner than their peers. And body weight is known to be an indicator of the quality of received medical care and proper nutrition. Previously it was shown that the people who lived in the regions, undergone wars and famine, were markedly smaller than those who lived in regions where there were no disasters. Now Professor jörg button from the University of tübingen and his colleague Andreas Blom from the Land Department on matters of health Brandenburg found that in terms of well-fed and peaceful Germany, you can get the same result as during wars and famine.

Parents have ceased to care about the children

The researchers studied data of children staying in the Federal state of Brandenburg from 1994 to 2006. They were interested in unemployment, the number of families that left the area in search of work, as well as information about how to change the body weight of kids in this region. Jörg button and Andreas Blom analyzed the records of 250 thousand children: their gender, age, height and weight, profession of parents, whether living with them, grandparents or other relatives. Based on these data, the experts came to the conclusion that the employment of mothers and fathers of toddlers significantly affects the body weight of their children.

The lack of funds in the required amount (despite the fact that the size of unemployment benefits in Germany allows regular purchase of essential goods), and experience stress and desperation have led to the fact that moms and dads care less about their children.While adults who received a good education, moved from Brandenburg to other regions in search of work and taken their families. In the region were people with low qualifications. But the level of education of parents also plays an important role in child development, including physical. Educated people are better watching how their child eats and what he does.

Moms more important than dads

One of the most important factors were the level of education of mothers. Because moms make up a menu and make a purchase. At the same time, scientists have discovered that children from complete and incomplete families evolved equally. The absence or presence of father does not affect the body weight of kids. Also positively affected by the presence of relatives living together with the child — grandparents, aunts or uncles. In families where under one roof were about three adults, the children develop physically better.

What do you think about the parents themselves?

Olga Kolbantsev — mother of three children: “my middle son in a year and a half began to crumble 4 of the upper front tooth. I read that it is the children from families with low social status (they seem to be in such families the teeth are not clean). But his youngest son, the same nonsense started in 16 months. Had to get to a special research on this subject and found that there is genetics to blame! Therefore, a small weight or a large increase — from the same Opera. Well, when a child is obese and he eats French fries, chips and drinks coke, the diet, unfortunately. not only the people of low social status”.

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