What to do if a child kicks and bites

One baby takes the other’s toy, he slaps him, bites or scratches. And parents would like to have prankster instead politely said, “Excuse me please, I was just playing this machine. Could you give it back?”. Of course, most moms and dads understand that young children aged 2-3 years old are not yet capable of such displays of courtesy, but, at the same time don’t realize that the kid needs to stand up to a bully. And in addition how to slap or bite, he is just not good.

Biting children is not to punish

American psychologist Laurie Dale advises even not to punish biting and fighting children of preschool age. According to her, some kids prefer to respond to the insult with deeds and not words, some of them still just can not Express their emotions in words, someone is by nature restless, or the baby just weak impulse control, which is one of the characteristics of this age group.

According to psychologist, the punishment which will follow in a few minutes can’t have action, because the baby will forget what did, if at all, will understand why he is punished.

Lori Dale advises an adult immediately after the child was bitten or slapped someone, Express your displeasure calmly, then, switching attention to something else. In addition, the psychologist recommends that parents of a little patience, because in order for the child has outgrown this phase of development takes time. Lori Dale recalls that this behavior is considered normal and occurs in about 10 percent of kids.

Parents of 7 year olds already have to worry

If your child came home from kindergarten bitten or scratched, don’t blame educators. The psychologist reminds that usually bites and scratches appear in the blink of an eye, and often teachers are simply unable to predict when it will happen.

At the same time, the above advice is not suitable for parents of children under the age of 7 years. Mom and dads of a child of this age that fights, bites or scratches, Laurie Dale advises to figure out what was the cause of the aggression of their baby.

What do you think about this parents and teachers

Tatiana Belyaeva — mother of three children and teacher of Kindermusik (teaching music, movement and English): “for Parents, especially for beginners, it is very important to understand: not to punish — it does not mean nothing. Keywords in the advice of a psychologist, in my opinion, “easy to Express dissent and to distract”. You need to constantly monitor the baby, and be ready to react. The best way is to take the child on hands, to step back, calm. After all, he is very, very excited”

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